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Joe Rogan Experience Review podcast

Aug 31, 2019

This weeks review is episode 1340 John Nores and 1341 Steven Rinella.

John was a fish and game warden that ended up tackling cartel marijuana grows on national lands and was first on Joe's radar from going on Steve's MeatEater podcast so these two go hand in hand. It's so messed up what is going on with these grows and...

Aug 18, 2019

Some of the audio is a bit shit on this one fellas. My apologies. I'll get it fixed!


This weeks review is all comedy with Tom Papa 1333, Fahim Anwar 1334 and Jim Gaffigan 1335. It's great when Joe has these heavily stacked Comedian weeks as we here think they are the most interesting people to listen to.. Tom is happy...

Aug 13, 2019

This episode we talk about 3 comics that Joe ended the week with: Alonzo Bodden 1331, Annie Lederman 1332 and rendan Schaub MMA 74. Both Mark and Adam are big fans of the weeks stacked with comedians so bare with us if they get on your nerves but we try to convey why they are so awesome as best we can.


Enjoy my review...

Aug 9, 2019

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!! Thanks for your podcast and all the hours of interesting shit you've provided.


This partial week we're reviewing Jean Jacques Machado the legend of jujitsu and Bernie Sanders the presidential candidate. Luckily for you Adam loves jujitsu, trains with some greats and had a lot to...

Aug 6, 2019

This weeks episodes are scarce due to Joe's absence. We have episodes 1328 with Whitney Cummings and her creepy ass sex doll followed by 1329 with Brian Moses of the Roast Battle. Two great comedy guests for a solid week of comedy talk. Lets get into it!

Enjoy my review folks!

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